Natrona Playground


For the playground's design, N.C.T.A. partnered with Chatham University Graduate Landscape Architectural Students for their insight in new playground concepts. We also invited our local police and members of the community of all ages to share their concerns and insights. Joining our design team were other professionals including architects and engineers. One of the features of the park is to employ visiting artists to work with our children to create original works of art, which will become permanent installations in the park. With this creative approach, we hope to engage our youth in positive directions fostering future involvement in their community.


As it is well known, some youth are drawn into criminal behavior out of boredom and lack of something positive to do. Recreation and community events not only keep kids busy, they provide youth with positive social interactions and meaningful activities. Currently, there is little for youth or seniors to do in Natrona. This new park will address this issue by being a setting for many educational and social events. It is designed to bring people of many ages together through sports, recreation, relaxation, education and expression.


Because of the design of the Natrona Recreation & Art Park and various public events that will be held there (festivals, concerts, ect.) the park can attract people from different areas. It will be an integral part of our Trail & River Front Development promoting tourism for all the adjoining river front towns. The Natona Recreation & Art Park Project will be a positive stimulus of economic growth and development, and the new keystone center of Natrona.



Row House Museum


NCTA is in the process of restoring a 19th Century Row House connected to the early history of Penn Salt.

Through a grant obtained by Senator Ferlo, NCTA is working with Pittsburgh History and Landmarks to restore this building and turn it into a Natrona History museum, which will celebrate the history of Natrona. The restoration is expected to get underway in the Spring of 2013.



Natrona's Children Grow


Last year Natrona started a community garden and Natrona's Children Grow is a program that expands the gardens to involve children. This summer the program will be held biweekly starting in May. During the meetings they will learn how to plant and care for their choice of plant along with fun activities. For more information please visit this website or contact Joie at [email protected]
Be part of the Natrona's Children Gardens this summer!

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